Wanderlust… Sicily & Ustica

Ainsley Harriott has reignited the love we have for Sicily. After watching his More4 show ‘Ainsley Harriott’s street food’ we realised we hadn’t shared our past trip to Sicily (or the beautiful photograph’s we took) with our readers. The Island of Sicily is a destination for those who enjoy getting to know local culture, cuisine and the history of their holiday choice. The delicious food, the charisma … Continue reading Wanderlust… Sicily & Ustica

Wanderlust… Berlin

Beer anyone? We got to go on a whirlwind trip to Berlin and it was brilliant! Obviously the beer was flowing and we indulged in some pretty fantastic cocktails too. Berlin is a big city and although the transport is great (we were told this many, many times before we traveled there) we wish we had longer to explore (already planning our return). We squeezed in as … Continue reading Wanderlust… Berlin

Wanderlust… Milan

Milan has style in a bold, confident, no-nonsense like manner with a touch of flash. The city has beautiful architecture, the food is… in typical italian style… delicious and the coffee now holds the crown for the best cappuccino we have ever tasted! If you like your luxury fashion, Milan is the perfect place to find it. Store fronts showcasing beautiful designs framed in windows that draw you in … Continue reading Wanderlust… Milan