Some kind of t-shirt

A t-shirt is a bit like a pair of jeans… everyone has their own personal favourites and certain specifications when going to buy one. The t-shirt is almost as versatile as its denim friend (weather permitting) and together they make a reliable duo… but what makes the perfect t-shirt?

Well, when attempting to create our first range of t-shirts we asked ourselves this question and the answers were worryingly oceans apart! So we asked a lot of other people and it became apparent we all love a good t-shirt… but a good t-shirt to me and you is a dish rag to someone else. I like a mid upper arm sleeve, not too baggy (I love a stylish tight tee worn with jewellery), long enough to tuck into high-waisted trousers but not with an excess of material below the waist. Oh and the fabric has to be soft, otherwise don’t bother. There were others longing for an oversized fit with longer arms and thick durable cotton that would last for a decade or two. Then there are a range of different necklines to consider and that’s before we got to talking about what design should be on the front of the t-shirt.

We took all of this on board when choosing what type of t-shirt we wanted to create, some decisions took extra in-depth market research (there are two of us, no majority!). The design decisions we thought would be best chosen by the people who would be buying them, so we asked you to choose four out of the eight designs we had created and that’s what we printed. We took both the male and female perspective onboard as we were making unisex tee’s and so far thankfully they have been well received. We opted to use Continental Clothing Co to supply our t-shirts, they have been members of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2006 and they use sustainable cotton to produce the Continental range. We chose the slim fit unisex jersey tee to print our first t-shirt range on. The t-shirts were then printed locally at Screenking, an expert t-shirt printers based in Liverpool. The whole process from beginning to end was an experience and we could not have done it without help of our wonderful friend/Photographer Kerryn Grady, our fantastic models (It was a long sunny but cold day) or the John Moores Centre for Entrepreneurship and in particular Dave. We are looking froward to adding to our product line as soon as possible and making inspired fashion for you to wear.

We know we can’t please everybody, but hopefully it will be the perfect t-shirt for most of you and good enough to wear to the gym for the rest of you:-)