EVENT: The Cocktail Masterclass Experience
LOCATION: Revolution Cavern Quarter, Liverpool
HIGHLIGHTS: Red, White & Brew, Espresso Martini and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup & Jammie Dodger’s

A cocktail master-class? Erm… yes please! We were lucky enough to be invited to the Revolution Cavern Quarter, Liverpool to taste a cocktail or two from their new menu. We also got the full Cocktail Master Class experience whilst we were there, which evoked a few memories of our past bartender jobs (mostly all good!). If like ourselves you have spent your fair share of Saturday nights trying out various vodka flavour shots in Revolution bars around the city/country, you would be forgiven for thinking that that was what the well known chain focused on, but you, like us, would be wrong. The national brand has been reinventing itself and has created an inspiring cocktail menu as well as a mouth watering food menu. We arrived at the Revolution Cavern Quarter, entering beneath the recognisable sign when we were taken aback by the bright and elegant decor, which was so inviting with a somewhat modern, french chic feel to it.

To ease us into our master class we were treated to the newest limited edition range of shots, the ‘Favours of Summer’ range. The Twisted Citrus, Fabtastic and Ice Cream shots are inspired by traditional lolly-ice favourites and they went down a treat.

In action behind the bar!
In action behind the bar!

Our cheeky bar tender Josh was fantastic and his enthusiasm had us eager to get behind the bar, sharing his favourite cocktails and extensive taste knowledge, not to mention introducing us to Lychee liqueur!

When it was our turn behind the bar we chose two cocktails each to make, a classic and a newcomer. From the ‘Classic menu’ the Reese’s peanut butter cup that accompanied the ‘Peanut Butter Martini’ grabbed our attention immediately! We also chose the ‘Summer Julip’ (since it is supposed to be summer), a perfect drink if you fancy something fresh and fruity on a sunny day. We got to pour, shake and decorate our drinks whilst Josh supervised us behind the bar (we can get carried away where alcohol is concerned!) and we got to use some snazzy cocktail equipment too!

Poppin' Espresso Martini
Poppin’ Espresso Martini

Onto the new ‘Into The Mix’ menu and we chose the ‘Poppin Espresso Martini’,. A perfect after dinner drink that Revolution have put their own spin on. Serving the ever chic Espresso Martini topped with chocolate popping candy! The perfect breakfast cocktail, if ever you need one. The next cocktail we made was the ‘Red, White and Brew’ and it was our favourite of the day.

Our favourite - Red, White & Brew.
Our favourite – Red, White & Brew.

A berry dream topped with cream and not only a cherry to top it off but two Jammie Dodgers on the side. After pulling our “Shake face” behind the bar and munching on Jammie Dodgers we thought we should end our Revolution experience with a trusty vodka shot, so we cleansed our pallet with a shot of Grandpa’s vintage Mint… yum!

The new cocktail menu has something for everyone with the “Blank Canvas” range. Using the original Vodka Collins drink of Stoli Vodka, lemon juice and sugar topped with soda as a base and giving customers the option to customise it to their taste by adding a flavour of their choice. Sour Berry, Bubblegum and Pear Drop are just some of the many flavours you can add.

The Cocktail Master Class is perfect for groups of people looking to add a bit of fun to their drinking plans. It’s a favourite with stag and hen doo’s as you can imagine but it also  makes for a great work’s day out (team building and that) or just a more eventful way to spend a catch up with friends.

Check out what else is going on at Revolution Cavern Quarter here or to book yourself in for a master class click here.

Find your nearest Revolution at www.revolution-bars.co.uk.



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