Something for the weekend… LightNight Special

LightNight 2015
LightNight 2015

FRIDAY LightNight 2015 is finally here and there is so much going on! To squeeze in as much as possible you will need to be organised, we recommend choosing which areas of the city you will be in and around first of all and go from there…

THE WATERFRONT has a lot on offer as always, starting with The Cunard buildings ticket office (4-10pm), which will be transformed by an immersive installation by Make Space Create.

Open Eye Gallery are holding a Lantern Making Workshop (4-7pm), followed by the Lantern Launch and Canal Installation, which is inspired by cargo packet ships that made their way between Liverpool and America. Lanterns with written messages will then be launched into the basin of the canal (9-11pm).

Over at The Maritime Museum will be ‘Mermaids in their Element’, a look at how these enchanting creatures have been portrayed over time in art and literature.

Be dazzled as you step onboard the ‘Dazzle Ferry’ and take the tour ‘Everybody Razzle Dazzle’ (tour 6-6:40pm) as you learn more of the history of dazzle camouflage. First come first serve, take your LightNight programme to get yourself a free ticket – From 5:30pm at the Pier Head ferry terminal.

*Flashing imagery in featured video’s.

Around the ROPEWALKS AND CHINATOWN area you can visit FACT to check out the Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age exhibition (4-12am), where you will also have the opportunity to get involved in the tai chi and hula hooping classes they have on. We repeat HULA HOOPING CLASSES!!!

Just further down the road you can take part in The Pom-Pom Project at Liverpool Quaker Meeting House. This event is an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing environment, create mental space to think and try something different, it is in conjunction with MIND and St Helens College.

If only LightNight was a more frequent event, so much fun to be had!

The BALTIC TRIANGLE has of course got its creative juices flowing with The Button Boutique giving a how-to on pompom and paper flower making (5-11pm) and at Baltic Creative you can join in the fun and get your hands gluey with the crafty building of the New York skyline with As Creatives (4-11pm).

The Baltic Creative will have its doors open from 4-11pm with  live music, exhibitions and plenty of activities for all.

Not to be missed is Abdullah Badwi’s ‘Life Through the Lens Of Another’ collection on show at Camp and Furnace and part of LOOK/15. The exhibition looks at the internationalism of the city and movement of communities over the years. Featuring imagery dating back to the 80’s and documenting stories of individuals and their experiences (opens 4pm).

Also, FoodSlam is on at Camp and Furnace if your peckish.

Constellations will be hosting a collaborative workshop between The Paper Moon and Funf Studio –  ‘Machine part I’ (4-8:30pm), which will involve geometric design, acoustic sounds and screen printed wallpaper. And this is just part I… …

Part II is even better! You get to create your own screen printed wallpaper!  You can also enjoy the exhibition put on by the Funf artists while you are there.

Stick around here if you want to carry on into the early hours with the LOOK/15 aftershow as Constellations hold Disco Glitter Love – entertainment all night, house music and lots of dancing… what else could you ask for!

If you fancy coffee during the evening then 92 Degrees Coffee in the HOPE STREET QUARTER are holding workshops and showcasing immersive technology through augmented reality and projection mapping (6-11pm).

Blackburne House are holding a night market, serving up Real Organic Ale and are giving guided tours around their fabulous Grade 2- listed building. Live music, performances from Glitch Theatre and hot food (5-11pm). If you are around this are you may also wish to take a tour of the Liverpool Medical Institution (5-8pm), which will be looking at the 250 year history. There will be plenty to fascinate or frighten!

LIPA are holding ‘Follow The Moths’ in and around their gardens. You can expect light shows every 15mins showing the work of Theatre and Art and design students as you follow hidden paths(6-10:30). Sounds amazing!

St Georges Quarter is the place if you would like to make yourself a fascinator (why not?) at the Liverpool Central library. It is a creative therapy workshop working to the theme ‘Looking to the New World’.

The Cryptid Petting Zoo by Headstrung Puppet company will be in the Picton Reading Room, where you can see 20min presentations by trained handlers of peculiar animals, often thought of as mythical creatures (8, 9 & 10pm).

Deep Hedonia are hosting ‘Your Clock Is Always present’ at St Georges Hall, a challenging look at how we perceive linearity and the materiality of the past, present and future.

We could go on and on about all the creative opportunities and amazing showcasing that will be going on at liverpool LightNight 2015, but then we would miss out ourselves! Have a wonderful time, get involved and express yourself.


Oh and WOWFEST is still going on around the city, ‘Marvel Mayhem: Unmasking the real superheroes’  workshop and discussion, Levi Tafari’s project ‘From Great War to Race Riots’, A ‘Thick as Thieves’ panel discussion and much more. Check it out…


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