Something for the weekend…

Location: Liverpool, UK

Exciting does not even begin to describe what’s going on in this brilliant city! Every week we come across something new, interesting and amazing that is happening or about to happen in Liverpool. The summer is set to be jam packed full of fun with something on offer for everyone.

Daytime rave’s are on the up and we are all for it! let just hope the weather holds up it’s end of the bargain!

If your into your underground house & techno you will want to be at Constellations today for a BBQ rave AND pizza (who could say no?). On in the courtyard 3pm-9pm, no ticket required. Then head on in to the Observatory dancefloor 9pm-4pm where you can get your fill of acid house with DJ Pierre and Xpress 2, supported by Liverpool local DeeBuGG. Tickets £10.00.

If you want to start slow and build up into your Saturday then start it at The Kazimier Gardens from 2pm before you move on into the The Kazimier with Floating Points, Max Graef and many more at Abandoned Silence.

The Arts Club has Dubabuse on tonight, where you can catch the original Dub-Reggae band Zion Train. Just £10.00 on the door.

More House and Techno on offer at The Williamson Tunnels where SEFF and PROUDLY PEOPLE are playing this fundraising event 9pm-3pm (proceeds to Williamson Tunnels charity), then the after party is at The Garage.

We have saved the best till last…

This weekend is the end of the ‘Raise The Roof Festival” at The Bombed Out Church. The church, filled with a transparent marquee for the festival, has been hosting various events in the past week. Today there is a spring celebration 6pm-11pm and tomorrow is Social Sunday, an event filled with live music and other wonderful goings on from 3pm-11pm. This is your last chance to visit before the festival is over and the marquee comes down. Tickets available here.

The Bombed Out Church has lots of upcoming events such as Freeze which returns next month, so keep your eye on St Luke’s this summer, you don’t want to miss out!

Here’s a look at Freeze in The Bombed Out Church last summer..

Have a good weekend everyone.


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