Food Slam/Red Door Mashup!

Our friday night… food, more food & cocktails.

Great music at Camp n Furnace and we loved the LED dance floor. We tried the Wild mushroom pizza and a side of chilli cheese chips, we would have tried more but we were leaving room for cocktails. Food slam is on every friday 6pm – 8pm with a different selection of food stalls each week.

We went on to Red Door, a new bar on Bury Street. It is in a beautiful red brick building, with giant arched windows. We perched ourselves at the bar and got comfy. We tried a few cocktails and a delicious mocktail. The bar packed out around us as we sat there and the bartenders turned up the skills with bottle juggling and flaming cocktails (impressive). We recommend the Caramelised rum Punch, caipirinha and the mocktail really was delicious – plus it came with a toasted marshmallow!

The Doors special, Food slam, Camp n Furnace.
Pizza. Wild mushroom style. Yum.
Chilli cheese chips!!!
Chilli cheese chips!!!
The Caramalised Rum Punch gets the sparks flying! Red Door, Liverpool.
Fire dancer, Baltic Triangle.
Fire dancer, Baltic Triangle.

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