Cheese + Wine = Happiness

When offered cheese and wine together, just say yes!

Cheese, meat, piccalilli & chilli jam.
Cheese, meat, piccalilli & chilli jam.
Kabinett bar..
Kabinett bar.

We are always happy to try anything that involves cheese and wine and we did so last night at Kabinett, one of Liverpool’s newest bars, located in the Georgian Quarter just behind the Philharmonic hall. The evening was hosted Kev Rooney of Enotria wine alongside Kabinett owner Mike Garth, who shared their wine and cheese knowledge with us as we tasted the delicious pairings on offer.

Who knew white wine was the most perfect pairing of all? Not us! Although we have had plenty of fun trying out some not so good wine-cheese combinations in the past, when you taste the complimentary duo together it is truly enjoyable.

We began with the delicate, crisp, dry Divina, Cava, NV (Spain) and creamy Channel Island Brie, a great combination to ease yourself into the evening. We also tried the Are you game? Shiraz, 2012, Fowles wine (Australia), having plum and cinnamon notes followed by smokey oak makes this wine perfect to pair with game meat, particularly venison. The winner of the night was the well balanced Vouray demo-sec Sylvain, Gaudron, 2012 ,(France), with hints of sweetness, served with stilton and Duckett’s caerphilly. It is a dream combination and we recommend you try it as soon as possible! Known as the ‘ultimate cheese wine’, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Pink Russian cocktail.

Take yourself down to Kabinett for their meat and cheese platters, which are always available and there you will find the friendly, and knowledgable bar staff are happy to advise you with a wine pairing. Not just for wine lovers, Kabinett also has an exciting cocktail menu to try and they like to play live music, we definitely like what they have going on. Thats a thumbs up from us.


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