Something for the weekend… its Friday!

As always there is loads going on this weekend in Liverpool and not all of it is Valentine’s day related! It’s Friday the 13th! It all kicks off tonight with Release presenting Tessla and Bake at Camp and Furnace who will surely fill the dance floor. This is free before 11, if you post your names on their Facebook wall. Also on and free in at Camp and 10422043_648326691940045_6655088817773437951_nFurnace tonight is the F**k Off Valentine’s Food Slam! This will be full of tasty treats and unspeakable circus acts. Sounds like somewhere you could stuff your face, forget about Valentines and just be merry!

Tonight you can dance your longing or loved filled heart out at Medication at Nation. This will be full of people ready to have a good old dance and drink.  If you’re fans of grime,  dubstep, garage, or house  Dot is hosting upcoming producer at Phaeleh at The Garage tonight. 100th Monkey is having a Valentine’s day special which is likely to provide you with your drum and bass fill for the weekend! They have moved house too, now residing in 24 Kitchen Street. At this venue there is great sound and always a good dance!

Saturday is indeed Valentine’s Day! Whether you are celebrating with your someone or with all the friends there is a lot of fun to be had. Django’s Riff is putting on the awaited Dj Vadim. While you’re there check out there new cocktail menu. Who can say no to a fish bowl!? Certainly not us!
If your looking for something that doesn’t involve tequila, the Bombed Out Church is showing Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

This could potentially be super romantic or just a good laugh with the girls. It’s an excellent oppurtinity to show off your best winter accessories! We’re think all the furs (fake of course!). Throw on your leather gloves or the impractical wintery warm accessory that you just haven’t found the occasion to wear yet. All you’ll be doing is looking chic while watching Audrey Hepburn grace the screen! If you’re celebrating Valentines or not this weekend is shaping up to be a good one.


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