Wanderlust… New York

Rockefeller Center, view from the top. New york.
Strawberry Fields, Central park, New York. John Lennon memorial.

New York fashion week is upon us and we have serious wanderlust for the city that never sleeps. Fashion, food and fun are in abundance in New York, whenever you visit the busy streets of Manhattan are filled with New Yorkers going about their daily lives, lucky visitors on business and excited tourists wandering around in awe of the fantastic city and all it has on offer. Architecture, shopping, restaurants, museums, shopping, broadway, famous television and film locations, did we mention shopping? Allow for a good two to three hours in each department store, yes really!

New York has it all and it does it with style. It is a city you can return to time after time with something new to see and do every time, but every time you go you should get waffles with caramel and cream… every time. If you are in New York this week and would like to be part of the fashion frenzy that is happening, go to www.timeout.com to get all the latest information about the free events that are going on in the city, including the PRIV beauty pop-up and a body positive SmartGlamour runway show.  

Check out  viviere belle for a fresh look at NY style, Amy Nicole Marietta (originally from California) shares her life in New York as a fashion blogger and we love her positive attitude to life.

Also this week you must head over to Tumblr for a fantastic gallery of images from the DKNY pr girl, living in New York, working in a fabulous industry and sharing it with the world, thank you!

Find all you need to know about New York fashion Week on www.mbfashionweek.com/new-york website and watch the latest videos at New York Fashion Week LIVE.

Statue of Liberty, taken from the Staten Island ferry.

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