Crumbs, Doilies, and Adidas Superstars!

Our adventure in London was so much fun! The opening of Crumbs & Doilies in Soho was awesome, serving up a selection of tasty miniature cupcakes and Kamm & Sons cocktails. As we have an affection for miniature food (and cocktails) we were in our element. The shop has a different menu everyday meaning there is a new taste adventure to go on each time you visit. Our favorite flavour on offer was cookie dough.


Unfortunately, after all the pie eating we could hardly fit anymore and didn’t have the pleasure of trying the butter popcorn flavour which looked incredible.


The Adidas Girls only Superstar launch was decked out with iridescent sparkly walls, flowing drinks and fabulous multicolored meringues made by the Meringue Girls. We enjoyed performances from Panes and Neneh Cherry. To top it off you could take home merchandise, there and then from the perfect placed Adidas vending machine.

ddd BeFunky_wpid-img-20150128-wa0000.jpgll


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